With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Bay wreck is one of the most frequently photographed places in the Greek islands. The most characteristic postcards from Greece are "white houses with blue roofs" from Santorini or just "white cliffs" from Gulf Wreck.

To the Bay Wreck You can not get from the land but only from the sea. Of course, most of the villages on the island of Zakynthos offer tours to the Bay Wreck, often combining them with the Blue Grottos, Keri Grottos or Marathonissi island (depending from which side of the island the tour is being organized).

Wreck Bay "from the top"

Of course, getting to the Bay Wreck from the sea will not give us a chance to see the mountain cliffs view known from the postcards. Therefore, to the Bay Wreck must we go twice: first by driving overland to the top of the cliffs, where is located a viewpoint from which You can see the "postcard view" and then (preferably another day) sea to the same bay.

On the lookout, it is good to go afternoon when there are less people, but then Bay Wreck sinks in the shadows. During the day, however, there are crowds of visitors.

Wreck Bay "from the sea"

Ship tours to the Bay Wreck are organized by almost every village, but they can be organized by hotel residents as well.

It's worth to swim alone, because firstly it is cheaper, and secondly, it is sometimes more flexible and more pleasent.

If You have a car it is worth driving up to the farthest point on the north of the island, ie. Skinari Cape. It is true that in each of the village there are (eg. Agios Nikolaos) also organized tours, but I extremely recommend these from Skinari. The tour itself is so interesting, that buying trip to Navagio and Blue Grottos flows in each of these places by another boat: bigger to Navagio and a smaller to Blue Grottos (so that the smaller boat enters the caves, which is impossible for the bigger one).

Cruises from Cape Skinari held as signs proclaim: "every 10 minutes". It is admittedly far-fetched, but actually cruises are often. The price is 15 euros for adults and 7 euros for child (trip to Navagio and the Blue Caves, as of August 2014).

An interesting option (unheard of in other ports) is the proposition, that if we did not have enough time (standard swimming in the Gulf Wreck Provision for 1 hour), You can report the captain that You want to stay on the beach and they will take You within another hour with the next ship. Very comfortable solution.