With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Gerakas beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Zakynthos. It is located at the end of the Vassilikos peninsula in the national park and protected area of Careta Careta turtle breeding grounds. The asphalt road which leads from the town of Zakynthos through Argassi and by other smaller towns, ends up with a big free parking by the Gerani beach. There begins a short promenade leading to the observation deck above the beach and descends to the beach. The beach is partially used, ie. with sunbedsand sun-protecting umbrellas for tourists - but they are located only in the central part the beach - two ends of the beach are completely unused.

The biggest pros are SAND and clear water. Sand as soft as there can not be found anywhere else on the island of Zakynthos. Even on the beach in Laganas or Kalamaki it is not that soft.

The second pro is the crystal clear water. The beach is located in the bay, which is practically the last bay looking towards the open sea. But more importantly - beach is located in so called Zone A of the the national park, which is a place where there is an absolute prohibition of swimming by boats. The prohibition is associated with turtles breeding place. There are many characteristic places surrounded by sticks which indicate where the turtles laid eggs. Most of them have pieces of paper with the date when the eggs were laid.

Apart from the beautiful sand, beach has a large number of rocks in the water. Swimming fish in the crystal clear water are worth taking a scuba gear. On the beach You can spend even a whole day. Near the parking there is a lot ofsmall shops where You can buy both souvenirs and something to drink or a bite to eat.