With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Grotto Keri (Keri Caves) are often also called Marathia Grottos, because they are located on the southern and south-western part of the Keri peninsula near the village of Marathia. Caves are inaccessible from the seashore and are closed in the cliffs, which can be accessed from the sea. Excursions to the caves are organized mainly from towns located in the southern part of the island (Laganas, Agios Sostis, Limni Keriou). Often these trips include:

  • so-called. Turtle Spotting (ie seeking turtles) - then flows in the direction of Laganas / Kalamaki,
  • sunbathing on the island Marathonissi (on the sandy beach in front of her),
  • Keri caves tour - includes a stop near one of them, pulling the ladder directly from the ship and jumping into the water. Because of the water is so pure, people often ask captain what is the depth and get an answer: 20 meters :-)

Keri caves are smaller than the Blue Grotto on the north of the island, but they have pros - they are closer (no need to travel to the northean villages to get to the caves), have significantly fewer ships swimming there and the caves and cliffs in which they are located are beautiful (Headland Keri is one of the highest cliffs on the Island of Zakynthos).