With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Dafni Beach is situated in the middle of the Vassilikos peninsula. Before the village of Ano Vassilikos, You must turn right from the main road (Argassi-Vassilikos). The road is well described with many road signs, You will find the signs directing right to the beach. The road is narrow, initially paved, then it gets solid, smooth, tamped with small stones. Dafni beach is on the other side of the peninsula, so to get to the beach - You must cross the mountain chain.

In the middle of the road at the highest point of the road there is a museum of Careta Careta turtles. Entry to the museum is free - you can watch there, among others, two interesting films about the turtles laying eggs Careta Careta. They are worth watching because you can find out there for example, why the beaches in the area of Kalamaki / Laganas are being watched by park guards who point out every man trying to stick an umbrella on the sand. The film also presents example of why should we destroy sand castles built on the beach before leaving. Everything is subordinated to the reproductive cycle of turtles - after watching the movies, everything becomes clear.

The beach itself is located in the so-called Zone A of national park, where's a total prohibition of swimming by a boat, so the water is crystal clear, the beach sandy with small rocks in the water, among which You can watch many beautiful swimming fish. The water is relatively shallow - typical beach for swimming. There is a tavern at the beach (with a wide variety of hot meals, so you can go there for the entire day). By the tavern there is a large, free parking.