With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Xigia Beach is located on the eastern coast of the northern part of the island. You can get there only by car, but some trips offer a visit to the beach. The beaches in this part of the island are tiny, mostly pebble. So is the sulfuric beach. In the water in this region of the island, sulfur is being mined, so the water contains large amounts of it. When swimming by the beach, You can see the characteristic turbidity in the water - as if there was something that didn't dissolve completely. Of course, the water is clean and pleasant, though rather cold (because of the cliffs and large depth of water - a few meters from the beach can be tens of meters deep.

Sulphur baths are healthy for the skin, they make it wonderfully smooth. The only con of the bath - about one day after baths, everyone has the distinct smell of sulfur. Such a local attraction:-)

Sulfuric beacheas are basically two - one more wild, away from the road (about a 10-15 minute walk from the road) and the other by the road. Cars mostly stop by the second beach - there is a small tavern on the cliff, but more should be told that this is a bar. The food is good and not too expensive. Because the beach is placed much lower (at the very bottom of the cliff), tavern invented an interesting mechanism for transporting food to the beach - in the form of a "rollercoaster", where the basket is carrying orders from a tavern on the cliff to the reception on the beach - most popular are ice cream ordered directly on the beach.

Note: When going by car from the town of Zakynthos in the direction of Skinarii and Agios Nikolaos, sulfuric beach can not be seen - it's placed at the bottom of the bay - it is clearly visible when going the other way. The characteristic place is a relatively large beach, which can be seen easily from the road while driving north in the direction of Skinarii - at the large beach there is a large parking area on the left side - if You have reached to the beach, it means that You passed by beach Xigia - should then turn around and go back about 2-3 kilometers away. Then You should see Xigia beach from the road.