With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Porto Vromi is an interesting bay. A small port situated at the bottom of the cliffs. It's interesting that you can get to Porto Vromi by two sides - from the village of Anafonitria - and from the other side - from the village of Maries. Interestingly - both paths lead to the same place, but not in contact with each other. Each of these ends, separated by a vertical cliff falling into the bay. From both roads You can return to the sea. But you can not get from one to another by foot (water, moreover, it is not close, because the cliff overlooking the sea and the circumnavigation is in practice quite far). Interestingly, one way you can see from the other at a small distance - literally a few meters - but to get from one to the other you can not.

Prompting - from the village of Anafonitria can experience moments of terror on the road to Porto Vromi - there are several places where the narrow asphalt road reaches almost to the edge of the cliff and there are no barriers. I drove in many places on the Greek islands and this road is really impressive. At the end of the road, in Porto Vromi from this side there is a small port (in which i.e are offered trips to the Gulf Wreck and the Blue Blade) and a small, literally tens of kilometers long stony beach consists of white, round pebbles the size of a quail egg. From the beach you can go into the water, which gets deep very quickly (small boats can moor on one side). When diving in the depths, you can see at the bottom, in addition to the old anchors, such curiosities as the old engine, seats, tires and so on. Generally speaking - rather dustbin, but the water does not make that bad impression. On a vertical rock falling into the water there are thousands of sea urchins, which you can swim to and watch them closely (because they are on almost vertical rock there is no fear of stepping on any of them).

Definitely more interesting rocks we can find when we get to Porto Vromi from the village of Maries. However if having more time to visit it is better to see this place from both sides.