With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Porto Limnionas is a small bay which can be reached from the village of Agios Leon. Bay is constantly besieged by hundreds of bathers. It has it's reason - a narrow passage of water sticking into firmly in the cliffs. Descent to the water is very narrow, but not narrow enough to be unable to lay a towel on a rock.

A characteristic place is a flat piece of rock, which in one moment can be dry, and for the moment is flooded with 20 centimeters tall level of seawater. In addition, in this rock there are small holes through which streams of water burst rapidly upwards. Most people jump from this place - water immediately is very deep - certainly dozens of meters. There are some problems with getting out of the water, because the rocks are very sharp. In this region there are very large waves - firstly everyone gets a little scared to even enter the water, but once they are already in the water - fun with swimming is really nice.

On the other side of the strait there are small caves - average swimmer can easly swim to them and reach the center.

This is a great place for having fun on the waves and making jumps into the water.