With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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Beach in Laganas is the largest and longest sandy beach on the island of Zakynthos. The beach is over a mile long and stretches from the end of Laganas to Kalamaki, where ends at the cliffs at the beginning of the strict national park.

The beach has many faces - in the center of Laganas it is narrow and full of sunbeds. Sand is compacted and hard. The further towards the beach Kalamaki it gets looser and more beautiful. It's getting also wider. By the last hotel in Laganas, Zakynthos (Zante Beach) beach is beautiful with very soft almost white sand.

Laganas beach is beautiful - the sand as in the Baltic, warm water, small waves and sooo long shallow water - perfect for kids - you can walk a few hundred meters into the sea and the water will continue to foot.

Laganas beach is also a place where you can rent a motor boat or pedal boat. You can hire a motorboat to sail to "turtle island", ie. Marathonissi - motor boat does not require any permissions, You can lend them along the beach and drive it like a car (it has a steering wheel). Only mooring in shallow beach requires skill and involves some stress: about 3-5 feet in front of the beach you have to turn off the engine and raise it (power button up / down), in order not to damage the rotor with the sand. After the first time it gets nice and easy.

Renting a boat costs EUR 40 per hour (which is enough to flow from Laganas beach to the island of Marathonissi and back (without anchorage on the island). 3 Hours is enough time (100 euros) to moor on the island for swimming. And when you want to moor on a small, rocky beach at the back and on a large sandy at the front of the island, a 4 hour boat hire will be sufficient (120 euros).

Hiring a pedal boat costs 15 euros per hour - there's no point in renting it for longer than an hour - pedaling is quite tiring :-)

Shallow water by the beach in Laganas is the dwelling place of Careta Careta turtles - all the boats floating on the so-called Turtle Spotting flow in approximately 400-500 meters from the beach in Laganas and search for turtles. It looks interesting when a big boat stops in front of the beach, which means that there is a turtle, and immediately smaller boats and pedal boats swim towards it from the area.