With what's borrowed car on Zakynthos?
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The islet Caneo is available through a picturesque bridge port of Agios Sostis, which lies almost as an extension of a big village Laganas. Cameo is basically an island, although the water is very shallow, but it leads to a fixed bridge. Island itself is quite commercialized, ie. After going free bridge we get to the stairs up to the cliff where we can find the top gate with a nice gentleman waiting for us to collect 4euro for the entrance to the island. At the top there is a bar serving drinks. As part of the fee for entrance to the island / bar, you can have a free drink.

The island itself is small. Interesting place is tiny, rocky beach at the other end (we can get there by the stairs descending directly from the bar). Usually we can hear loud music there, but the beach is worth a visit - once on the beach you can see some quite big fish, and next to the beach there is an interesting wooden deck extending in the direction of the sea where you can lay yourself on a towel.

Above the beach, which is located in the bay surrounded by cliffs, there are pieces of cloth hanging on the rope and waving - they don't give too much shadow, but they look nice. Often, these flapping white scarves are presented on the photographs of Zakynthos.